Tuesday, June 25 at 7 p.m.

As Found

Gary & Liz Hansen’s images shown at the Lexington Art League’s Loudoun House

The images depict found objects, which have been neglected, abused, repurposed, or abandoned, that tell stories. Their condition and location tell stories of changing tastes and of the people who owned, used, or left them in the situations where we found them. In addition to focusing on the images, they will discuss the process of putting on their first solo/duo show, including developing the concept; selecting images; submitting a proposal; framing, hanging, and pricing the photos; and exhibit events and promotion.

This month our photo contest is “Night Sky”. There has been a lot of opportunity for night shots recently. Get out — take pictures and send a great one to: joedietz@aol.com by June 24, 2024.

Join us at CKCS at 160 Moore Drive on Tuesday night June 25 @ 7 PM. Bring a friend. — Joe